Food around the world

Supplier of food concepts to your liking

Noble House Enterprises delivers unique solutions in the food sector and has extensive experience with food concepts. Noble House Enterprises products originate from our own developments. These developments take place in our own production environment in countries throughout Asia and Europe. Our production partners guarantee food-safe processes and work in accordance with the most strict BRC, IFS, FSSC 22000 guidelines. This guarantees the utmost quality for our products.

We also have our own brands such as “Sateetje” in our product portfolio. We can supply our products to retail and food services under your own label or under the Sateetje label.

Initially we have chosen the catering industry to introduce our products to new markets. Examples are:

  • Roadhouses
  • Partycaterers
  • Events organizations
  • Beach restaurants (through distribution channels)

You can directly order our products at:

  • Bidfood Ede
  • Van der Burg & Bol The Hague
  • StarCuisine Rijswijk

A bit of history

Noble House Enterprises has been developing food concepts since 2009. Quality has been our top priority from day one and we are not limited to any region or country. The quality ingredients we use in our products originate from all over the world. These ingredients are processed according to our own protected formulas, which in turn lead to very refined dishes. Our own brand "Sateetje" is a perfect example.


Our vision: Food around the world for everyone

Noble House Enterprises' food products meet the highest quality standards, and excellent hygiene is an absolute requirement.Quality, creativity and focus best describe the reasons for our success.

Chicken products for everyone

We want to provide everyone with our high-quality chicken products. Our satay of “Sateetje” is free from milk, lactose and gluten. This makes this product ideal for satay lovers with a gluten and / or lactose-free diet. The chicken (usually chicken thigh and chicken fillet) that we use for our satay and yakitori skewers, has been carefully selected and contains less fat and a host of excellent nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, our satay sauce contains less sugar than other satay sauces available in the supermarket.

Your benefits

  • High quality products with added value
  • Continous improvement and innovation throughout our full product range
  • Custom packaging available
  • Raw materials based on the requirement of the retailer, e.g. BLK star grade chicken and/or organic chicken.

Added Value creation

We deliver professional, high quality and sustainable custom solutions in an extremely dynamic market. Together with you, we can develop products, meet your packaging requirements and take care of the logistics, so that the end product fully matches your go to market requirements. We are able to supply you with both a fresh and a frozen range of (sustainable) chicken products and convenience foods. We monitor relationships between demand and product supply, market trends and other aspects, assuring we are able to deliver our products to your specifications and expectations.

Tell us what you want and how you want it. We provide you with more than just chicken products, such as sauces and condiments. Noble House Enterprises is an organization with a healthy "hands on" mentality that is always open to new challenges.


Sustainability plays an important role in our production process. We reduce the environmental impact by means of a sustainable supply chain. We believe it is important to be transparent about our supply chain and do everything we can to keep our energy consumption as low as possible.

We would stress the fact that the quality of pure and healthy food is our top priority. Read more about this via the following link: zuiver eten.